From drawing to photography

Today’s Creativity Bootcamp lesson asks us to do what I understand as “free drawing”, in order to let go of our inhibitions.

I found this lesson really, really difficult for some reason, and wasn’t really able to achieve any kind of flow in my work. I resorted to geometric figures – horisontal and diagonal lines, circles, squares… and I got to thinking, I’ve been exploring geometric figures a bit in my photography already, and enjoyed it – why not take this fascination for forms and shapes and develop it further?

Seeing as I had been wearing my traditional dress in celebration of Norway’s Constitution Day today, one obvious subject was one of the brooches for my dress:
I converted it to black and white in order to focus even more on the many different circle shapes in the image, and I think it works quite well in its final version.

Isn’t it fascinating how inspiration works, the way a drawing exercise can inspire a photograph?


About Jenny Graver

Living in Oslo, Norway, with her partner and their infant son, Jenny struggles for balance between all the things that makes life worth living - her family, her job in university administration, her writing, learning and her photography. View all posts by Jenny Graver

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