Yogi Tea Inspiration

Yogi tea quotes range from the incomprehensible to the obvious to the beautiful and thought-provoking. Here’s an example of the latter:

Yogi Tea Wisdom

At first glance, I didn’t get this at all. I mean, how can words be a fragrance? Also, there is the association between the word and the heart. Just as written language is considered an abstraction of spoken language and thereby one step removed from our language ability, so words in general tend to be seen as an abstraction of our emotions, one step removed from how we really feel. I mean – we’ve all experienced it, that feeling of being unable to put into words what is in our hearts just when it counts the most.

What this quote says to me, though, is that words are all we have. Our actions may speak for themselves sometimes, and sometimes we put our whole heart into our visual art, but words are our main tool for communicating with the people we share this world with.

The fragrance of the rose doesn’t tell you everything there is to know about the rose, but it does tell you it’s a beautiful thing, and thus it may be with our words and our heart, if we want it to.


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