Liberated Art

Along with more than two hundred fellow photographer-artists, I participated in Kat’s Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. I sent Kat five postcards with my own photos on the front, and got back postcards from five other swap participants as well as one from Kat. I really enjoyed this, not only because I love finding things in my mailbox that are neither advertising nor bills, but also because I love that sense of being part of a huge web of people spread all over the world.

Let me share the six postcards I got:

A photo of a charming row of houses on the Isle of Palms, S. C. from Suzie Puetz:
Go look at some of Suzie’s gorgeous images, like these from the inside of a brewery.

This is the one from Kat herself. Would you look at those gorgeous colours and textures! Unfortunately someone somewhere in the postal system fastened a white sticker down one side on the front.

Having more or less grown up by the sea, I absolutely adore this amazing image of a crab:
I can’t make out the signature on this card – do speak up if it is from you! I did manage to make out the quote on the card – an interesting piece of thought by René Descartes:

If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.

This colourful beauty is from Margie in the US, and the message on it reads: Live your life in full color! So very important.

Then a fascinating collage from Lui in the Phillipines:

And finally this one from April Cole, showing a ‘perfect pear’ that appears to be made from the pages of a book. How awesome is that?!

And to think, these are only six of the more than thousand pieces of art shared in the swap! There is a link to the blog hop below – do go check out some of the others. I’m on my way there myself 🙂


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Living in Oslo, Norway, with her partner and their infant son, Jenny struggles for balance between all the things that makes life worth living - her family, her job in university administration, her writing, learning and her photography. View all posts by Jenny Graver

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