Wednesday Feature (on a Tuesday): Polaroid elephant

I’m still struggling with my Polaroid camera and the Impossible Project films. I’m on my second pack of film at the moment, and so far ALL the images I’ve shot from that pack are failures – highly frustrating, to say the least, and not to mention expensive! I’m not going to give up, though – there are so many examples out there to show that it IS possible to succeed with the IP film. This image, by Ron O’Connor, is one of them.

Isn’t this image just about perfect? I love the mood and atmosphere and lighting and everything about it. It’s taken at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, and speaks to me of the scientific curiosity and exploration of the last two centuries, of the world as a big and glorious place, and of the circus in all its glory and melancholia.

NMNH Elephant

Thanks to Ron for letting me feature this and for the encouragement to continue shooting Polaroids!


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4 responses to “Wednesday Feature (on a Tuesday): Polaroid elephant

  • urban muser

    i’ve been dealing with the challenges of impossible film too! i find that the air temperature makes a big difference. so, even if you are shielding it properly, if it’s too hot it affects the final image. i’ve still got a LOT to learn.

    • littlescribe

      Yeah, air temperature seems to be very important, enough to make me wonder if the film is in fact finished enough to sell. (On the other hand, if what it takes is for us to be working with “difficult” film for a while while they make enough money to perfect things, I’m okay with it.) I suppose anything below freezing is too cold for it as well? Guess this film is a project for autumn and spring, then 🙂

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