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Sunday Stories: the accidental series

I am not overly fond of housework. I love seeing the results, but getting there? Not so much. So I tend to procastinate. And frequently with a camera in hand.

This has resulted in a small housework photo series. There’s no unity to these images, and no intentional thought of making a series, but this selection at least works together as a whole – two black and white images and two polaroids.

In the near future there will be a more planned and intentional series on the same topic.

{360/365} #DS679: Housework

{339/365} Housework Sunday

Kitchen polaroid

Dishwashing doom


Sunday Stories: Elin

So instead of a Wednesday photography Feature, I’m doing a Sunday Stories recommendation this week. My friend Elin is hosting TWO giveaways on her blog, one in English for Halloween that might be of interest also to my foreign friends 🙂 Elin is a librarian as well as a voracious reader with quite similar tastes in literature to me, so I can heartily recommend her literature blog.

Her Halloween giveaway is a part of Neil Gaiman’s project All Hallow’s Read, a brand new tradition of giving away a scary book for Halloween. I suppose there are adults of every age out there who won’t agree with me – scary books often involve supernatural elements, after all – but I’d say it is much healthier to give away books than candy, and I might just jump on this tradition myself in one way or another when Halloween rolls along.

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