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Monthly Mosaic: February

February Mosaic

I haven’t done one of these in a few months, I realise. Not that there is much to display from February; it’s been a highly uninspired month, a sort of limbo month, trapped between winter and spring, between my current job and the start of writing applications for getting new jobs.

— I know I’ve said before that I’m fascinated by the in-between states. I stand by that, but that doesn’t mean that those states aren’t hard, and frustrating.

But I’m proud of my February images anyway. Because I persevered, stuck to my plan of one image a day in spite of my lack of inspiration. I am, perhaps, especially pleased with the two eye images from the end of the month, when I was down a heavy bout of flu, images it would probably never have occured to shoot if I had been well and inspired instead of feverish and sick.


Monthly Mosaic: October

My creation
Looking at my one photo a day for October, it’s been a month of autumn leaves and sunlight, roses and polaroids, eating out and eating in, travelling, a bit of black and white.

Actually quite a good month, now that I think about it.

A village of my own

Winter cityHearing the word village, I think of a small settlement in the English countryside. There’s an inn, with a name like The Dragon, or The Eagle and Child. A couple of stores, where people from the outlying farms come in regularly and buy what they need. A river, and a cobblestoned bridge over the river. A church.

I imagine everyone knows everyone in this village. You meet your aunts and uncles regularly when you’re out walking, and your cousin serves on the Village Council. Your neighbours pop by regularly for a cup of tea, and they look after your dogs when you’re away from home.

Me, I’m from the big city. Or, from a city big by Norwegian standards anyway; Oslo, capital city of Norway, houses about half a million people.

People sometimes think the city is a lonely and cold place, where no one knows you and no one cares. And indeed – painful thought, but one that must not be forgotten – there are people who have no home in the city even though they live here.

I’m lucky enough that the city is kind to me. For one thing, I enjoy the anonymity. When people don’t know me, they don’t gossip about me, and I like to come home whenever I want – or not at all – without anyone noticing. (I’m actually a homebody who prefers to spend the weekend nights at home sharing a good meal and a bottle of wine with my partner, but that’s beside the point.)

And anyway, what is a city but a collection of villages, of networks tieing people together? I have most of my friends and family within reach on foot or by public transport. I chat with the neighbours about the weather. I’m recognised by the people who own the local deli.

In other words, I have the best of the city and the village both in my life, and I’m grateful for it.

[texture credit on the image to SkeletalMess]