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If you listen to the critics, images like this are a sign of all that is wrong with the world, of our shallow and egocentric world view where everything revolves around developing ourselves and displaying how successfull we are (how we can afford expensive coffees and fancy food), while our children grow up lacking empathy because their parents fail to tear themselves away from Instagram and Facebook.

As usual in these cases, my response is to tell the critics to start seeing the world from more than one perspective.

Yes, I enjoy sitting down to drink a fancy coffee, and I photograph my coffee to remember a quiet moment in an otherwise stressfull word. Having gained a degree (= successfull) that brought me unemployment followed by a job only partially relevant to my education (= less than successfull), my life is hardly magazine-glossily perfect, and I have no wish to present it as such.

Yes, I have grown up hearing that I am clever and talented and that I can manage what I want if I work hard at it. This is a healthy attitude if it makes you do your best to achieve something, but it sets you up for potentially painful realisations when your course towards your goal is permanently barred by the brick wall that is real life sometimes. Believe me, I know.

So I guess what I am saying is, leave me to celebrate the beauty and peace in my life through my photographs, and don’t take for granted that this is the sum of what my life is like and how I want to present it.


{102/365+1v.2} Androgynous

I don’t know what scares me the more sometimes, the media or the people they report on.

Case in point: one of the Norwegian online newspapers, in a feature on Botox and how women are kept to unreasonable standards of beauty, is quoting a female model / tv celebrity as saying (my translation): “I do still have young and tight skin, but no one knows what the future will bring,” implying that she might consider Botox treatments when she grows older.

I hope this is a mis-quote, because seriously, I hope she knows that she will get wrinkles and lose skin when she gets older. The alternative, after all, is to die young and leave a beautiful corpse, as they say, and I assume that is not what she wants.

She is also quoted as saying that women frequently become less attractive at an earlier point in their lives than men do. If I am to be charitable, I’ll credit this more to the sickness of the society she’s living in than to the girl herself.