Wednesday Feature: Funfair in Redscale

Funfair in Redscale
Photo by Fee (her blog and flickr)

Funfairs are visually very fascinating. They can be charming, vintage, childlike, dreamy and old-fashioned, but also sinister and creepy. Fee’s wonderful image captures many of these things.

I’m particularly in love with the strings of little lights and the red tones, produced by shooting with redscale film. Redscale is on my list of photography-related things to try, though I’m not at all sure which subjects will suit it. I’ve experimented a bit with the redscale effect in one of my camera phone apps, and more or less the only successful image is this one, showing – unsurprisingly – a scene from a funfair. Good thing I rarely get to a funfair at all, or I should have had no incentive to shoot anywhere else once I get my cameras loaded with redscale 🙂


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